Fans of Netflix and Hulu outside the USA are outside of The USA are out of luck, because both of these popular services are not available to users located in countries other than America and it's territories.  That means that if your computer has an IP address located in Germany, China, Morocco, Brazil or even Canada and Mexico, you can't watch Netflix.  So what is this "cheat" that you may have heard about that will all you to watch Hulu anywhere?

Well, it's not really a cheat. Ok, in some ways it is, but it sounds like you're doing something bad when you call it a "cheat" or "hack".  It's really not. You're just using a service that happens to have some side-effect advantages, which includes being able to watch Netflix anywhere.

It's called a VPN.  VPN's are used daily by many people to protect their data with encryption and tunneling technology.  This makes them completely anonymous on the Internet, meaning that hackers and others who might be interested in what they're doing (like advertisers) can't track them based on their IP address. Lots of information can be traced back to you, and you ISP knows more than you think.  However, I'm not here to talk about avoiding big brother.

The deal is that after all this high tech stuff is done, you IP address is changed.  If you're signed into a server in The USA, that means you can watch Netflix, no matter where you and your computer actually are. Netflix thinks you're in The USA, so they'll send you the movies you want to see.

Why would you want to do this? There are so  many cool things that Netflix offers over other choices.  If you don't watch Netflix...

1. You could download torrents
2. You could watch Hulu
3. You could stream off other sites

There are serious problems with all of these choices.  Downloading torrents opens you up to getting viruses and other malware installed on your computer.  Regardless of how careful you are about downloading torrents, that 3D Avatar movie you download last week is bound to have something creeping in it, trying to infect your computer.

Hulu is safe, and high quality, but they've only got 2,000 TV shows available.  Netflix has a library of over 20,000 movies.  Ten times more than Hulu does.  Ok, Hulu is TV and Netflix is movies.  But the points stands, if you're going to invest in a VPN, get Netflix.

It is possible to stream video from local sites, but you'll probably get bootlegged versions and a grainy picture.  You might even get one of those terrible ones where you can hear people coughing and see some guys head in the middle of your screen and the Russian subtitles are crooked. Lame.

A VPN to watch Netflix anywhere in the world can cost as little as five dollars a month, so if you're into movies and not in the USA, a VPN is perfect solution for you.